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Earning your pilot’s license is fun and gratifying; an achievement that less than 1% of the population completes. Over your course of training, we will challenge your skills and strengthen your ability to fly. You will gain understanding of the principles of flight dynamics and airmen regulations. The journey to become a pilot begins with your first flight in your Private Pilot Course. Once completed, you can choose to continue your training by earning additional ratings and endorsements; tailoring your license to your specific goals.

  • Oakland Flight Training offers part 61 pilot training.

  • Obtaining a Private Pilot Certificate (License) allows you to fly an airplane, carry passengers and baggage, and provides you with the privilege of flying at night and internationally. Essentially, it is your “driver’s license” for the sky. With your Private Pilot Certificate you will be able to take friends and family on vacation, go on a hassle free business trip, or simply sail the skies on a lazy Sunday.

  • Once enrolled, you will be paired with one of our certified flight instructors (CFI’s). Private pilot training is conducted in our single engine aircraft and requires a minimum of 40 logged hours; however, the national average for attainment is generally 50-60 hours of flight time. To complete your course in a timely manner we recommend flying 2-3 times per week. Busy schedule? Our instructors can accommodate based on your availability. Regardless if it is early morning, late evening, or just the weekends, we will make it work.

  • Due to the variance in hours it is difficult to put an exact cost on earning your Private Pilot’s License. A good estimate is around $12,500-$15,000, this includes the cost of flight time, materials, and FAA exams.

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